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08 Nov Posted at 02:28

Conversational Jiu-jitsu

in Mixed Martial Arts by Ronin Athletics Team

Rolling, or grappling with resistance, is a crucial part of BJJ’s pedagogical model. At any of the many MMA / BJJ schools in NYC, you will see rolling. It’s fundamental to one’s ability to implement techniques and internalize the concepts of Jiu-jitsu. Like in much of life, a person needs to undergo stress tests to be sure that they’re really competent at a skill.

08 Nov Posted at 02:27

The Physics of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

in Mixed Martial Arts by Ronin Athletics Team

In many of the classes here at Ronin Athletics, you will often hear terms like lever, structure and angle thrown around. It can seem weird to discuss something as obviously physical by using such cerebral concepts. But at the same time, we’re applying the science of physics and its principles on the mat every day. By noticing and thinking about that, we can better wrap our heads around BJJ.

08 Nov Posted at 02:24

Why Does Competition Makes Us Better?

in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by Ronin Athletics Team

Coach Christian and Junny Ocasio recently competed at a bjj and grappling tournament in upstate New York and took home a bunch of medals to our gym in NYC. Junny’s been working super hard, and as we all know, Christian’s been competing a lot this season. Congrats to them both!

08 Nov Posted at 02:23

Coaching vs Teaching

in Mixed Martial Arts by Ronin Athletics Team

For the longest time, if you were to ask me what I do for a living, I would tell you that “I teach Mixed Martial Arts,” more specifically Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. But I’ve noticed that recently (and by that, I mean in the past few years) my response has changed to “I’m a BJJ Coach” or “I Coach Mixed Martial Arts.”

07 Nov Posted at 07:01

Why Did You Stop Fighting?

in Mixed Martial Arts by Ronin Athletics Team

A student asked me this question recently. He’d just seen one of my old amateur fights on YouTube. Despite losing the decision, it was one of the best performances I ever had, and I was still an amateur (though this was before the big push to regulate Professional MMA via state sanctioning bodies, as is today’s standard).

26 Jul Posted at 01:10

Mixed Martial Arts Finally Legal in New York State

in Mixed Martial Arts by Ronin Athletics Team

Mixed martial arts fights are legal in forty-nine states, with New York being the only state that banned the sport. Now that’s set to change since New York’s state legislature has finally approved legalizing professional MMA.