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Kickboxing: before and after 18 Feb

Kickboxing: before and after

in Kickboxing by Ronin Athletics Team

Kickboxing is a multifaceted martial art that originated back in 1960. There are several types of it – Japanese, American, as well as multiple solo compositions. If you look closely at the movements and actions of kickboxers, you will notice that they contain details from Wushu, Karate, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo.

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Is Kickboxing and Muay Thai the Same? 30 Mar

Is Kickboxing and Muay Thai the Same?

in Kickboxing by Ronin Athletics Team

Even though many people believe that Muay Thai and kickboxing are the same, they are quite different in many aspects including fighting styles and the techniques used. Yes, there are universal techniques shared between the two sports, however, the implementation of these techniques varies depending on an individual fighter and the sport.

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Kickboxing Styles & Tendencies 08 Nov

Kickboxing Styles & Tendencies

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Though we train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in New York, we train MMA in New York and we train kickboxing in New York, everything that we do is tied to a larger body of work, with its own history and development cycle. This includes a rich, international history of variation, distillation and competition that informs what we do in the here and now.

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