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Is Kickboxing Good for Self-Defense?

Thu Feb
by Ronin Athletics Team

Kickboxing, like any other martial art, can be effective for self-defense, but it may not be the best option for every individual. It depends on the individual's physical abilities, experience, and comfort level.
Kickboxing was designed for sport and competition, not specifically for self-defense. The rules of kickboxing for competition often restrict certain techniques that are useful for self-defense, such as grappling, clinching, and ground fighting. In addition, the training and competition focus is on hitting the target accurately and with power, rather than on self-defense techniques and tactics.

Is Kickboxing Good for Self-Defense?

Specific examples of Kickboxings self-defense limitations are: weight classes, distance control, timed rounds and protective gloves. Because this martial art was designed for spectator entertainment these requirements were put in place to cultivate an exciting and action packed fight event - a sharp contrast to what you would want when trying to defend yourself from an aggressor - to survive and get away unharmed.

When training self defense you must always assume that the person has a size or weight advantage over you. Kickboxing training does not account for this.

Referees are always present in a Kickboxing match to allow the best distance for trading kicks and punches. Most real fights end up in a clinch or ground scenario.

Timed rounds allow competitors to rest in between fights to allow more action for the spectators, where in a real assault scenario there is risk of fatigue for both the victim and the attacker.

Protective gloves mitigate injury to the hands so that their is continuous action. In a self defense scenario risk of hand injury is height when attempting to strike someone with their bare hands to the skull.


However, this doesn't mean that kickboxing skills are not useful for self-defense. It is a highly effective striking martial art that can teach individuals how to defend themselves using their hands and feet. It can also help with physical fitness, improve coordination, and increase confidence.

Whether Kickboxing is good for self-defense depends on the individual's priority, goals, needs, and preferences. But if self-defense is the primary concern, it may be more beneficial to consider a martial art that is specifically designed for self-defense such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.



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