Our Team

A unique aspect of our coaching staff and what we’re especially proud of is that each and every one of them was developed ‘in-house’ at Ronin Athletics  – first as a beginner student and eventually transitioning into an instructor/coach.  It’s a testament of our ability to teach our curriculum holistically.

Bartlomiej ‘Bart’ Tabazewski, BJJ Purple Belt

Head Kickboxing Coach and BJJ Coach

Bart moved from Krynica-Zdroj, Poland to Brooklyn, New York at the age of 14. Like most kids growing up, he enjoyed playing soccer and riding bicycles but also experienced the downside of adolescence  – being Bullied.  As Mixed Martial Arts started growing in popularity, he was fascinated by the methods used by these fighters to defeat their opponents and he followed his fascination through YouTube watching other promotions like Pride and UFC.  He saw these submission techniques used as a way to defend and gain respect for himself.   He researched the many gyms in New York City and came upon Ronin Athletics and scheduled his free introductory lesson on January 2013, where he began group classes shortly after.

Bart is an experienced competitor, senior Instructor and well rounded individual.  Having fought successfully in  Kickboxing & Muay Thai organizations like Friday Night Fights, US Muay Thai Open and Glory at Madison Square Garden, as well as Jiu-jitsu tournaments like NAGA and Grapplers Quest , he’s surpassed his initial goal to defend himself.

Today, he continues to sharpen his skills and develop himself in all aspects of training and his life.  He’s passionate about teaching others what he’s learned and his motivation is further fueled when he sees firsthand the transformative nature of Martial Arts training.

Seydou Sissoko, BJJ Purple Belt
BJJ Coach and Assistant Kickboxing Coach

Seydou  grew up in Brooklyn, New York and attends LaGuardia Community College majoring in film production.

Seydou started his training because he was fascinated with Mixed Martial Arts.  He found Ronin Athletics by researching forums and reviews online of the different MMA gyms in the NY Metropolitan area and scheduled his introductory lesson Sept 2014.  At first his interest was in Kickboxing, as striking seemed to naturally appeal to him, 4 months later he added Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to his training and immediately fell in love with the cerebral aspect of the art. The following year he won his first tournament as a White Belt and by November 2015 he became the fastest member  to attain the rank of Blue Belt at Ronin Athletics.  On May 2018, Seydou reached the rank of Purple Belt.

While he treats himself to a tournament now and again, it is not a priority for him.  He enjoys teaching classes, working especially with new members and sharing his training experiences with them.

Dom Thompson, BJJ Purple Belt
Kickboxing and Wrestling Coach

Dom Thompson began wrestling in high school and later for SUNY Morrisville college. During the summers, he wrestled Freestyle and Greco-Roman for the Central New York team and qualified for the Empire State Games in Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling two years in a row. After graduating college, Dom moved to New York City and began training JKD under Christian Montes while concurrently earning his Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu from Danny Suarez. He also spent two years training Muay Thai under Phil Nurse at the Wat gym. With Dom’s extensive knowledge of striking and grappling, he brings a well-rounded and unique approach to teaching the basic fundamentals of kickboxing and wrestling. Dominic is a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu.

Liz Milizio, BJJ Brown Belt
BJJ Coach

Liz Milizio began training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at Ronin Athletics in April 2008. Receiving her Blue Belt in June 2009 and then her Purple Belt in June 2011, she is constantly trying to improve and grow as an athlete in the sport. Her other martial arts experience includes a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. One of the smallest people at Ronin Athletics, Liz knows the importance of the values of BJJ founder Hélio Gracie. Hélio emphasized leverage and technique over strength, allowing smaller people to defend themselves against, and defeat, larger opponents.

Aldy Teran, BJJ Brown Belt
Wrestling Coach

Aldy Teran grew up in a family of champion wrestlers – his two older brothers both county champions – and has been wrestling since seventh grade. It didn’t take long until Aldy himself became champion: the 1992 / 1993 Nassau County Champion, the 1993 NY State Champion, the 1993 Greco Roman NY State Champion, the 1993 Long Island Freestyle Champion, a 1995 / 1997 NJCAA All-American, and the 1997 Northeast Regional Champion & Outstanding Wrestler. Aldy, began his BJJ journey with Christian Montes in 2011.  Today Aldy, leads the Wrestling program helping to incorporate his knowledge of wrestling into our training curriculum.