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Getting the Most out of Your First MMA Class

Fri Nov
by Ronin Athletics Team

You’ve watched the UFC. You’ve had friends telling you about how fun training is. Maybe you’ve even lurked in one of the many BJJ / MMA forums. And now you’ve finally decided to take your interest a little further and actually try out one of the best MMA gyms in NYC, namely ours, Ronin Athletics.

Here’s a few words of advice and pieces of info that will help make your first MMA class a more fun and fulfilling experience.

Contact Us Ahead of Time

Either call, email or fill out the free trial class form so we know to expect you. However, don’t be afraid to walk in just remember our trial classes start at 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Come In

Ideally, you should arrive five or ten minutes before the scheduled start of your first mma class. This will give you a chance to change in the dressing room, stretch out and meet some of the many friendly faces around the gym. When you arrive, take off your shoes and put them in the cubbies provided. We take hygiene seriously and keep the mats as clean as possible. You’ll be greeted by one of our coaches who will take you through the Rules of the Mat and get you situated.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Both the Kickboxing classes and the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes require comfortably fitting clothing. Remember that you will be moving, stretching, punching, kicking and rolling, so dress appropriately. We suggest a rash guard and board shorts, but a fitted t-shirt and comfortable athletic shorts will do for your first time. You may also want to bring a mouthpiece and a groin protector. If you’re taking the Kickboxing class and have your own gloves and shin pads, feel free to bring them. If you don’t, don’t worry! We have loaner gear available for you to use.

It DOES Get Easier!

Be prepared to see drills and movements you might not necessarily be familiar with. MMA, and all the Martial Arts that comprise it, require a certain level of athleticism, but don’t worry if you feel like you’re out of shape or you’re not getting it. Remember, your body is learning to move in ways that it hasn’t experienced before. It will take time to get acclimated, but it will be worth it. If you stick with us, it will get easier. Movements will come more naturally; exercises that were once hard, will quickly become a piece of cake. As long as you attend regularly, you will get into shape. And remember, the coaches and your fellow teammates are always here to help.

Have fun!

Remember that you’re here to have fun. Relax, learn, introduce yourself. You’re going to have a great workout and learn some valuable skills here, but more importantly, you’ll get a chance to meet fellow students and see if the vibe at Ronin Athletics is for you.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you on the mats.



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