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5 Reasons Every Woman Should Train In Self-Defense

Mon Mar
by Ronin Athletics Team

Why Do Women Need to Learn Self-Defense?

Why Do Women Need to Learn Self-Defense?

Most Women consider self-defense an optional skillset that tend to be on the bottom of the list (if at all) of things to learn.  It’s like someone learning to shoot a gun, in case of war or a shoot-out. The probability doesn’t justify the effort – right?

Women Self-Defense

Not exactly.  The term ‘Self-defense’ is misleading.  Most people assume a scenario where you are already being assaulted, and you have a special technique to neutralize your attacker. It’s not uncommon for many self-defense classes [in New York City] to focus only on these tactical techniques.

However, the right Self-defense course, not only focuses on tactical evasion techniques but helps one become more in touch with their survival instincts.  Being in tune with one’s natural instincts, helps one navigate safely through their daily life. Learning Jiu Jitsu countermeasures (for worst case scenarios) will help every Woman gain a higher level of freedom, ultimately leading to a better quality of life. 

 The Gracie Women Empowered® program offers a training curriculum that incorporates the development of your instincts, understanding the psychology of the different assault scenarios, strategic mindset and leverage based techniques into an effective training curriculum.


5 Reasons Every Woman Should Train in Self-Defense

Self-defense is one of the most important skills women can learn, especially in this perilous times. There are five reasons women’s self-defense is something every woman should take seriously. Here’s a look at why female self defense in NYC and other cities is something important to learn.

  • Vigilance: How many times do you see someone staring at their phone while walking down the street, not paying attention to what is going on around them? Or you see women rushing around to get to work not being present in the moment? Women who do that are the proverbial sitting ducks when it comes to crime. It is so important to stay in the moment when in public, and not ruminate about the past, have anxiety over the future, or distract yourself from the present.

Part of this vigilance is managing personal boundaries. That means being able to establish a physical zone of safety – social distancing, as the term is called at the moment.

But this also means establishing mental boundaries, and not letting others take advantage of you. Women often worry that they will be seen as not nice if they establish such boundaries. However, being assertive does not have to mean being overly aggressive.

This also means understanding high-risk scenarios, and how to know when it’s particularly important to keep up your guard.

  • Preparation: Females self-defense classes in NYC can teach women to defend their boundaries with a variety of self-defense countermeasures. Simply exhibiting self-confidence via posture and a positive, unafraid demeanor will make a difference. So will knowing the right things to say to defend yourself.


Having the ability to physically stand up for yourself is important as well. Martial arts for women can teach them not only the art of verbal jiu-jitsu, but the art of physical jiu-jitsu as well. Examples taught in female self-defense classes in NYC can teach women how to escape from an assailant or subdue him.


  • Empowerment: Women who train in self-defense feel empowered. They are resilient, able to handle all types of adversity, whether big or small. They also have the confidence to handle things because of the physical and mental skills they learn in women’s self-defense classes.


Having good energy, and confident energy, coming from you makes it clear you are a force to be reckoned with. Martial arts classes for women can help them get this empowerment.


  • Good Instincts: Good judgment is the difference between women becoming victims or victors. Naïve women fall for things like internet scams and schemes or the actions of unscrupulous men. Savvy, confident women are able to discern what is real vs. what is fake.


It is about developing and listening to your natural instincts.  It also means being present in the moment and paying attention to things. It is a critical skill to have when it comes to self-preservation.


  • Freedom: Women’s self-defense ultimately gives women freedom, as they are able to defend themselves against both mental, emotional and physical challenges. Women who are afraid to express themselves are confined by their fears. Instead, confidence builds freedom. This is why taking women’s self-defense classes are so empowering.

Gracie Women Empowered Program

Learning the Basics of Self-Defense

  • Best Offense Is a Good Defense: Some women picture that the biggest threat to them is some creep in a dark alley following them. But the biggest threat they might really face is a jerk in the workplace harassing them. There are a variety of threats women face, and most women are unaware of the danger they may have placed themselves in until the boundaries have been crossed and they’re left in a disadvantaged position. There is a saying about how the best defense is a good offense. Sometimes, the best offense is a good defense, too. And that’s what female self-defense classes in NYC teach.
  • Knowing Your Options: In martial arts for women classes, you will learn a variety of crucial skills. This includes what preventive measures can be used or what appropriate countermeasures can be applied when being assaulted. You will get a toolkit teaching you how to avoid assault, as well.
  • Repetition and Resilience: Finding a class that allows you to iterate scenarios over-and-over develops resilience when responding the most uncomfortable situations. Reputation and resilience equal the ability to withstand anything, whether it is an annoying co-worker or a vengeful assailant. The female self-defense in NYC classes also teach women not just the repetition so that they can automatically respond with their reflexes. The women will also learn how to freestyle and improvise, depending on the situation.

Learning women’s self-defense can empower women physically, as well as psychologically. To learn more about female self-defense classes in NYC, click here.



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