How do I get started?

There are designated classes on our schedule that are open to prospective individuals. Simply fill out the Free Introductory Class form. You will participate in an actual training class with our student body allowing you to experience for yourself the lessons, the culture and the overall experience of our Gym.

Can I walk-in for a trial class?

We strongly urge making an appointment ahead of time to ensure a staff member is available to assist you through the Introductory Lesson. We make a strong effort to be flexible to walk-ins, but must give priority to Intros who scheduled their appointments ahead of time (it’s only fair). Joining a new gym can be intimidating at times and classes may be in mid-cycle of it’s curriculum and we want to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible in order to benefit from the full experience.

I submitted a Free Introductory request form, what next?

You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail that your request has been received, followed by a reminder e-mail the day before your trial class and an confirmation e-mail on the day of your trial class which will provide you details you’ll need before your visit.

Do I need to have experience to participate?

No experience is required in order to participate in our classes in fact over 90% of our members joined without any experience at all. Just come to the school with an open mind and be prepared to sweat and have some fun.

Do you have a minimum age requirement?

Currently our minimum age requirement is 13 years old but will require an evaluation. This may change as we adapt our program/curriculum to younger athletes.

What equipment do I require?

You can view it like any sport – for example if you wanted to join a softball team, it’s most likely you’ll need a Softball Mitt, Bowling; a Bowling Ball, etc.
Some classes will require basic safety gear such as Kickboxing (Boxing Gloves & Shinguards),  BJJ (Gi or Kimono) and MMA (MMA Gloves) – others such as Submission Grappling, Wrestling and Conditioning only require athletic attire (i.e. shorts and t-shirt).  We have them for sale or rent at our gym.  Be sure to ask about our new member discounts to save on your gear.

What can I expect to do in classes?

With BJJ and grappling, classes typically begin with an effective warm-up focusing on “sport-specific” movements and drills. Students will then be led through various positioning and submission drills, progressing to live grappling.

With the kickboxing classes you can expect to work with various types of equipment such as focus mitts, thai pads, and heavy bags, as well as basic strength and conditioning exercises and equipment (medicine ball, kettlebell, jump-rope, ab wheel, etc)
Mixed martial arts training will blend the two facets along with wrestling skills and conditioning.

Can I schedule a free trial class to roll or go to an open mat session?

Open mat sessions and rolling/sparring time is only offered to fully-enrolled members of Ronin Athletics. The only classes we offer as a free trial to prospective students (non-members) are indicated on the Introductory Appointment scheduling page.

Can I compete? Do I have to compete?

Competition is a personal decision you should make for yourself – it is not a requirement in order to move to the next level of your training. However, the opportunity is there for those interested and our team will be there to help you achieve your competition goals.
New Students are generally required a minimum of 6 months of training @ Ronin Athletics before any grappling competitions – MMA competition generally require a minimum of Purple Belt BJJ rank and 1 year of training @ Ronin Athletics (this DOES NOT include training time at other gyms/schools) and Coach approval. All fights are arranged by Ronin Athletics management, NOT the fighters themselves.

What are your membership rates?

We offer varying monthly rates based on how often you want to train, how long you enroll, and what payment method you chose. Pricing is discussed in person with a Gym Director. We recommend participating or watching a class to see what program would best fit your needs.