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30 Mar

Is Kickboxing and Muay Thai the Same?

Even though many people believe that Muay Thai and kickboxing are the same, they are quite different in many aspects including fighting styles and the techniques used. Yes, there are universal techniques shared between the two sports, however, the implementation of these techniques varies depending on an individual fighter and the sport.

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30 Mar

5 Reasons Every Woman Should Train In Self-Defense

Most Women consider self-defense an optional skillset that tend to be on the bottom of the list (if at all) of things to learn.  It’s like someone learning to shoot a gun, in case of war or a shoot-out. The probability doesn’t justify the effort – right?

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26 Mar

Jiu – Jitsu Over 40 (5 Rules to Roll till 95)

Rener and Ryron Gracie have been head instructors at Gracie University since the age of 18 and 20, respectively.  Having managed all aspects of Jiu-Jitsu training and program development.  They have personally observed the rates at which people are quitting their Jiu-Jitsu journey especially, those above 40 years old tend to have a higher rate of quitting while those just approaching 40 are considering quitting soon.

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08 Nov

Getting the Most out of Your First MMA Class

You’ve watched the UFC. You’ve had friends telling you about how fun training is. Maybe you’ve even lurked in one of the many BJJ / MMA forums. And now you’ve finally decided to take your interest a little further and actually try out one of the best MMA gyms in NYC, namely ours, Ronin Athletics.


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08 Nov

MMA and Self-Defense

We live in New York City, with its reputation as a ‘tough’ place. You’d think that as an MMA school in NYC, we’d emphasize self-defense and fighting in ‘the streets’ more. Instead, we emphasize the fitness, the fun and the mental aspects of training. Why is that?

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08 Nov

MMA and the World

Dana White has a famous adage where he says that fighting is truly universal, crossing borders and language barriers. That’s why there’s MMA fighters from every part of the world, each adding their own particular flavor and style to the milieu. Even outside Brazil, the US and Japan, the hubs of the sport, you can still find schools and people training hard. We’ve had international visitors here in our school in New York from Poland, Japan and Ireland among others. Every day, the sports gets bigger, with more and more people everywhere participating in it.

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08 Nov

Leave Your Stress on the Mats

Ronin Athletics is a MMA school in New York, one of the greatest cities in the world, but often enough, also one of the most stressful. Because our students are training BJJ and kickboxing in NYC, we get that most of them have busy, stress-filled lives outside of the gym, and want to let off some steam. That’s why we have so many classes to offer and work on a day system. We give our students the chance to really throw themselves into training to work off all the frustrations of the day in a welcoming environment. It’s also why we always try to foster the friendly atmosphere here. We want folks to smile, to laugh and to have fun here, because sometimes that fun isn’t so easily available elsewhere.

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08 Nov

Why Do We Watch MMA

Why do we watch MMA, or for that matter, any combat sport?

Here at Ronin Athletics, our MMA school in NYC, we train all aspects of the sport separately and in tandem. We have classes for BJJ, standup and wrestling, and we also have dedicated training sessions for mixing them together for the MMA ruleset. Coach Christian and a few others have fought MMA, and many of us have competed in at least one of those disciplines. That means that each one of us has spent a significant amount of time and resources training, getting ready for, paying for and actually competing in these combat sports in New York and in other places. But more than just practicioners, players and instructors of the sports, we’re also big fans.


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08 Nov

What to Look for in a Martial Arts School?

At Ronin Athletics, we always invite prospective students to try a free class, both because we’re confident in what we do here and because we understand that you need to experience the learning process to see if a martial arts school is right for you. We also always invite people in to watch a class and to get a sense of the atmosphere. We believe that our students and instructors are a better selling point that any sales pitch we can make.

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08 Nov

Training vs Joining a Regular Gym

It’s New Year’s resolution time, and folks both here in NYC and across the country are checking out new places to work out. They’re raring to go with a new found commitment to losing weight, getting more physically fit and exercising more in the New Year.

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08 Nov

Kickboxing Styles & Tendencies

Though we train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in New York, we train MMA in New York and we train kickboxing in New York, everything that we do is tied to a larger body of work, with its own history and development cycle. This includes a rich, international history of variation, distillation and competition that informs what we do in the here and now.

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08 Nov

BJJ in NYC: How to use Internet Resources

The internet is a great resource for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Submission Grappling in general. It connects players who are practicing and rolling from Denmark to Japan, from Rio to right here in Manhattan.

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08 Nov

The Importance of BJJ Competition

Here at Ronin Athletics, we encourage all of our team members to compete. We have a strong Competition Team, with many of us consistently bringing home hardware. We acknowledge that competition isn’t for everyone, but we feel that if you can fit it into your schedule, you should enter one of the many tournaments, both for Submission Grappling and BJJ in NYC and the surrounding areas.

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08 Nov

Conversational Jiu-jitsu

Rolling, or grappling with resistance, is a crucial part of BJJ’s pedagogical model. At any of the many MMA / BJJ schools in NYC, you will see rolling. It’s fundamental to one’s ability to implement techniques and internalize the concepts of Jiu-jitsu. Like in much of life, a person needs to undergo stress tests to be sure that they’re really competent at a skill.

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08 Nov

The Physics of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

In many of the classes here at Ronin Athletics, you will often hear terms like lever, structure and angle thrown around. It can seem weird to discuss something as obviously physical by using such cerebral concepts. But at the same time, we’re applying the science of physics and its principles on the mat every day. By noticing and thinking about that, we can better wrap our heads around BJJ.

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